Energy certificate

Energy certificate

With the new normatives coming into force on June 1, 2013, it’s essential that all homes that are sold or rented (for rental for more than 4 months) have the certificate of energy efficiency.
It is a document that represents the efficiency of a building with respect to energy consumption
This rating is represented by a tag like this, where A is the highest possible score for a property and G is the worst possible score.

How does the certified energetic made?

It’s necessary a competent technician who is in possession of an academic qualification to carry out this work. The necessary elements for its realization are:

  • Administrative data: Enter the data of the property, the client and the certifying technician
  • General information: This includes the location of the building, the year of construction, the area and if it is a collective dwelling, the height of the floor
  • The facade of the building: We define the thermal envelope by four sections:
    • Facade: We obtain the technical characteristics, type of facade, air chamber, area and orientation
    • Facade gap: The gap are assigned to the building, through windows, skylights. The type and characteristics of glass and frame
    • Thermal bridges: All possible thermal bridges that the envelope can have
    • Shadows of the building: By a study of solar trajectory the shadow pattern is obtained
  • Installations: Perhaps one of the most critical points that delimit a higher proportion of the qualification, is the production of domestic hot water (DHW)


With all these data, the technician using a specialized software can calculate the energy certification of the property. Subsequently the technician proposes a series of measures to the owner of the property with a view to greater energy efficiency.

Once the housing is evaluated, it’s necessary to inform the Administration that verifies its veracity and the qualification of the house. Within a few days you will get the label with the energy rating and your registration number

Finally the property can be sold or rented, thanks to our energy certificate which has a validity of ten years


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