We turn your idea into a reality

Everything begins with an idea

Small ideas create big projects

Any idea you have for the creation of your home, Grupo A7R will help you to develop and build it, because big projects born of small ideas. We carry them out keeping the original concept

The satisfaction of our clients is our motivation to continue growing up and developing the projects with the care that they deserve

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Make reality the idea

Creating 2D Floors

After establishing the idea of the project and its main characteristics according to the guidelines of our clients, it’s time to transform it into “a professional language” by all kinds of architectural documentation. With this we achieve:

  • Architectural plans
  • Enclose and distributed spaces
  • More information
  • Quantifiable elements

Transformation from 2D to 3D

Transformation a floor of two dimensions to a floor in three dimensions for its later modeling by the extrusion of its elements
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Application of textures

Creating realistic renders.

Application of texture maps and use of lights to the 3D modelling with the use of new graphics engines for the creation of photorealistic infographics with the latest innovations.

  • Use of HD Materials
  • New graphics engines
  • Control of each detail
  • Unique possibilities through modeling
Custom interiors
Unique and exclusive personalization for each of our projects. We design and optimize the maximum of our work taking into account the needs of the client and looking for the quality and improvement in our works

Virtual Tours

Video adapted to the need of our clients

The virtual tours are the best tool to allow the customers and investors to know in detail the product they are going to acquire or in which they are going to make their investments, providing an extra of security that facilitates the commercialization of the product

  • More information available
  • Clear and accurate information

The satisfaction of our customers is our motivation.

All projects are developed with the maximum care

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