Welcome to Grupo A7R

Our history

More than 25 years of professional experience in the sector

Grupo A7R was born with the professional trajectory of its partners and its 25 years of experience. Since its inception it has the challenge of giving our clients the best quality, technology, advice, responsibility, and seriousness.

Our mission

Seriousness and honesty are our values

Our main mission is to generate confidence trust between client and estate agency, attending to the most demanding requirements of our clients through the values that determine us; Sincerity to expose the project and credibility

International presence

We offer high quality solutions to our clients all around the world.

What makes us different?

Application of new technologies

We use the latest technological developments related to the real estate sector showing the potential and realism of the properties available to all audiences through all possible technological means

Your confidence our tranquility

A transparent company

Group A7R is formed by a series of values. They serve as a guide to face each idea, each project and carry it out with total confidence and security to our clients, where we will put all our values and identity signs in the final product.

Founder Writter

Work, passion, perfection, order and discipline are the key factors of Grupo A7R.

We commit ourselves day by day, through effort and improvement to give our clients and investors the best of ourselves in order to meet their expectations and perform the activities for which we have been hired. For them we will use all our potential, wisdom and human quality to meet our goals.

Our values determine who we are and what we do. Without the presence of these values or the belief in our own work we would not have reached where we are.

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